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Workplace Trends
  • hybrid working

    How Hybrid Work Will Impact the Workplace, Our Cities, and Climate Action

    How does the office fit into the new ecosystem of work? How can we build sustainable office spaces that meet new expectations? What is the wider implication of hybrid working on our cities? Join our session at the Workplace Trends Research Summit on 19 April 2023, where Kasia Maynard of the Gensler Research Institute reports [...]READ MORE
  • future of work

    The Future of Work, Latest Trends

    Join our session at the Workplace Trends Research Summit where we deep dive into the key insights from the Future Forum quarterly survey of 10,000+ global knowledge workers. We’ll be discussing the latest data around hybrid working, workplace management and office design to help you prepare for the future of work. Laptops and Wi-Fi untethered [...]READ MORE
  • hybrid working and employee engagement

    Is hybrid working the solution for the organisational commitment of your introverted colleagues?

    The work environment has undergone significant change in recent years. Individuals and organisations have experienced the benefits of fully remote working, causing many people to shift to partly working from home as a definite. So exactly what is the relationship between hybrid working and employee engagement? This major evolution in the way we work causes [...]READ MORE
  • Four Day Work Week

    Four Day Work Week Pilot 2022: UK Results and Learnings

    Four Day Work Week Pilot 2022: UK Workplace Results and Learnings, with Kyle Lewis, Autonomy Research Limited The world’s largest national four day work week pilot took place in the United Kingdom for six months during 2022, with over 60 companies taking part. We're delighted that Kyle Lewis of Autonomy, the pilot’s research coordinator, will [...]READ MORE
  • Active workplace

    Move Forward, Go Ahead, Try To Measure It

    We know people sit too much, particularly while at work. But how do you encourage an active workplace and people to ‘sit less and move more’ and is there a link between the lack of movement and the office itself? Indoor Positioning Systems (GPS for inside buildings) may be a useful tool to investigate the [...]READ MORE
  • Open Plan

    Reclaiming Privacy in a Transparent World: Making Dens at Work

    This innovative research, which will be presented at our upcoming Workplace Trends Research Summit on 19 April 2023, is based on a post-occupancy evaluation (POE) study of the Bristol Business School building - a flagship, largely open plan, space that aims to attract students, facilitate links with businesses and foster a collaborative space for staff [...]READ MORE
  • New Partnership With Audiem

    Workplace Trends is delighted to announce a new partnership with workplace experience analytics platform Audiem. Audiem joins our list of current sponsors, EMCOR UK, MillerKnoll, Saint-Gobain Ecophon and Workplace Unlimited. Directors Ian Ellison and Chris Moriarty also host the Workplace Geeks Podcast, which has come on board as a media partner. They join our existing […]

  • Disruptive Sustainability – A Radical New Model for Corporate Climate Action

    Our Net Zero Workplace Conference took place earlier this month. We were lucky enough to welcome Georgia Elliott-Smith of Element Four as our keynote speaker. The synopsis she gave us ahead of the event – “Despite our corporate sustainability policies, the planet is now at the point of climate and ecological crisis. It’s time to […]

  • Translating Research to Practice: Evidence-Based Design for Workplaces and Offices of the Future.

    Guest post by University of Leeds Business School and Atkins.  The world of work has recently faced numerous challenges, following the introduction of new and alternative ways of working in response to post-pandemic working patterns and pressures to address wider changes related to contemporary work cultures. In this context, the use of evidence-based approaches is […]

  • In Pictures – Workplace Trends Research Summit 2022

    150+ attendees, virtual and in person, had an informative and sociable day discovering how the latest workplace research can be applied for practical benefit. at last week’s Research Summit. Huge thanks to Vanessa Champion, Journal of Biophilic Design, for these images.