Workplace Trends

Designing for Neurodiversity

We’ve been talking about inclusive workplaces and universal design for some time at Workplace Trends, even as far back as 2014 with Steve Maslin, and more recently with Kay Sargent and many others. So we’re grateful to see it being discussed more widely now.

The BCO have recently produced their Designing for Neurodiversity publication, authored by Josh Artus of The Centric Lab. We’re delighted that Josh will be speaking at Workplace Trends this October 18th.

In the session following Josh we’ll also hear from Tree Hall, CEO of Charity IT Leaders, who was diagnosed as autistic at the age of 47. She’ll be exploring what autism means to her, and how it has shaped the way and places she can best work.

Josh has recently been featured on the Workplace Geeks podcast with Chris Moriarty and Ian Ellison. Have a listen to the episode here.

Tree has also been active in the media with a recent interview with the Starts At The Top podcast and you can listen to her being interviewed here.

You can listen to and meet them both in person at Workplace Trends: The Office as a Desired Destination on 18th October. Limited numbers of early bird tickets are currently available now on our website. Or to go direct to our ticket link click here.

Click the photos to listen to Josh and Tree.

Featured Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash