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Is hybrid working the solution for the organisational commitment of your introverted colleagues?

The work environment has undergone significant change in recent years. Individuals and organisations have experienced the benefits of fully remote working, causing many people to shift to partly working from home as a definite. So exactly what is the relationship between hybrid working and employee engagement?

This major evolution in the way we work causes ambiguity in organisational policymaking. Unfortunately, academic literature on hybrid working about the organisational phenomenon is not readily available. Yet it is evident to say that hybrid working is here to stay and will have an enormous effect on organisations in the following years.

This study focused on analysing the perceived impact of hybrid working on affective commitment and employee engagement. This relationship was further explored by concentrating on the moderation effect of the high amount of introverted employees in the organisation.

The research was completed with a large set of respondents from the Eindhoven University of Technology, NL. The outcomes of the study were determinants for the policy on hybrid working for the university, more specifically the supporting staff and workplace conditions.

Statements from the original Meyer and Allen self-administered questionnaire were used to measure individual levels of affective commitment. To address personality traits, the original Big Five Inventory extraversion scale of John et al. (1991) was used. Hybrid working was measured by using a validated scale on flexible work and a self-developed vignette scale.

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Esmeé Bechtold, Policy maker, Eindhoven University of Technology

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