Workplace Trends

About Us

Based in the UK, Workplace Trends, along with our international partners, runs ground-breaking events for workplace professionals who want to be at the forefront of work and workplace new thinking. We examine up-coming trends and best practice which enable people and their places of work to be happy, healthy and productive.

Our attendees are typically a mix of around 200 workplace consultants, designers, occupiers and managers, architects and suppliers. They tend to be knowledgeable, can be challenging, but are very friendly!

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Why Workplace Trends?

  • Hear from the experts on upcoming trends in the workplace
  • Learn and apply independent research findings
  • Enjoy relevant case study projects
  • Quality, pitch-free presentations
  • Mingle with and get to know some of the most established professionals in the workplace community
  • Meet new and rising workplace stars
  • Receive video recordings and digital handouts distributed after the event
  • Grow your network