Wednesday 18 October 2023

Workplace Trends: The Office as a Desired Destination

Cavendish Conference Centre, London & Online
10:00am – 4.30pm GMT+1, followed by Drinks Social
Workplace Trends: The Office as a Desired Destination

Discover the Future of Work, Connect with Innovation

Welcome to Workplace Trends 2023 – the conference where the future of work takes centre stage. As the cornerstone event for forward-thinking workplace professionals, this conference is your gateway to unlocking a new era of workplace design, management, and well-being.

In a world of perpetual change, Workplace Trends stands as a guiding light, illuminating the path to a more inspiring and productive workplace. Join us for a day of enlightenment, inspiration, and meaningful connections that promise to reshape your approach to the workplace of tomorrow.

Navigating the Frontier of Work

Immerse yourself in the heart of innovation as we explore the myriad facets of the contemporary workplace. Our diverse themes, from “The Appeal of the Office” to “Designing and Managing for Neurodiversity,” provide a deep dive into the challenges and possibilities that define the modern work environment.

Redesigning Possibilities

Chris Kane, the visionary author of “Where is My Office,” challenges convention and sparks conversations about the future of the office sector. Delve into a sustainable and progressive lens that reimagines every facet of workspace design, funding, and operation.

Pioneering Change

Jennifer Bryan of ABChange Consultancy invites you to embrace foresight and people-centric change. Jennifer’s transformative research project, cultivated with diverse organisations, offers a roadmap for navigating the evolving landscape with insight and innovation.

Leading the Change

Nigel Oseland, an acclaimed environmental psychologist and workplace strategist, brings “The Enticing Office” to the forefront. Together with psychologist Prof. Gary Raw, Nigel’s new research with MillerKnoll and Workplace Trends unveils the allure of office work versus remote, reshaping our understanding of desirable workspaces.

Embracing Neurodiversity

Josh Artus, from Centric Lab, introduces a fresh perspective in “Designing for Neurodiversity.” Explore a justice and equity-based approach that empowers neurodiverse individuals, unlocking the full potential of your workforce.

Diversity Breeds Excellence

Tree Hall, Neurodivergent CEO of Charity IT Leaders, shares her compelling journey and advocates for an inclusive workplace. Witness a personal presentation that reshapes perceptions and ignites a dialogue about embracing diversity.

Ignite Creativity

Don’t miss Perry Timms, a celebrated HR visionary, as he energises us with a post-lunch hackathon session. Immerse yourself in collaborative problem-solving, infusing your day with innovative solutions and renewed energy.

Sustainability in Action

Ann Beavis, of Crown Workspace, unveils a “Circular Economy Thinking for the Workplace.” Learn how to integrate circular economy principles, driving sustainable change and aligning your workplace with environmental goals.

Unlocking Transformative Insights with GPA

The Government Property Agency leads the transformation of civil service workplaces. Explore their customer-centric strategy and discover the transformative power of workplace communities and networks.

Lessons in Transformation

Diego Henriques of Anglo American De Beers and Emily Fiddes of MCM share their compelling story in “Our New Offices are Wonderful, but, We Don’t Have Enough Desks!” Gain invaluable insights from their journey, successes, and lessons learned.

Your Path to Innovation and Insight

Workplace Trends 2023 is your exclusive passage to connect with peers, absorb cutting-edge research and experience, and gain invaluable insights that will redefine your workplace strategies. Immerse yourself in a non-commercial, relaxed atmosphere, network with thought-leaders, and receive delegate access to post-event video recordings. Finish the day (London attendees only!) with a complimentary post-event drinks social, cementing newfound connections.

Seize Your Moment

Your chance to be part of this transformative experience is now. Secure your seat for Workplace Trends 2023 at and step confidently into a future where innovation, sustainability, and well-being shape the workplace landscape. Join us and embark on a journey toward a brighter, more progressive workplace.

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