Workplace Trends

Past Event: Workplace Trends Copenhagen

Designing Environments for Wellbeing & Performance
Wednesday 09 May 2018, 09:00 – 16:30, + Drinks Social
DTU, Copenhagen, Denmark     #wtrendsDK

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Workplace Trends conferences look at the up-coming real trends in working spaces for the next 10-20 years. Since our first conference in 2002 we’ve been among the first to look at the now trending subjects of wellness, productivity, happiness, psychology, psychoacoustics, biophilia, agile & flexible working, cellular vs open plan, to name but a few.

Our events are about sharing knowledge and connecting people. Presentations are intelligent, research & case study driven, and our social sessions are a proven way to catch up with fellow professionals and make new contacts. 

We’re established in London as the pitch-free, intellectual conference on Work and the Workplace. This year, on 9 May, together with our partners at DTU, we’re excited to bring our Conference to Copenhagen ! Plus the day before, 8 May, our friends at Saint-Gobain Ecophon are running a free workshop on Psychological & Physiological Factors in Office Design.

Our Speakers and Programme

0830 Registration and Coffee

0915 Chairman’s Welcome
Nigel Oseland, Workplace Unlimited

Nigel 2017 crop
Dr Nigel Oseland is a workplace strategist, change manager, environmental psychologist, researcher, international speaker and author with 11 years research and 19 years consulting experience. Nigel draws on his psychology background and his own research to advise occupiers on how to redefine their workstyles and rethink their workplace to create working environments that enhance individual and organisational performance and deliver maximum value.

0930 Wellbeing and Performance: Stop Guessing – Start Gathering
Tim Oldman, Leesman

The era of employee first workplace experience is upon us. How prepared are you?
As the Founder of Leesman, Tim sought to offer the property market the first truly independent, unified and standardized pre and post occupancy evaluation tool.  The Leesman Index is now the largest independent workplace effectiveness database containing over a quarter of a million employee responses. As CEO, Tim is responsible for the creative and strategic development of the Leesman brand in the UK and internationally, and for exploring the opportunities to develop parallel focused products for the Higher Education and Healthcare markets.

1000 Why is it that the top problem with our workspaces has remained the same, year after year, yet has gone unsolved?
James Waddell, Habitat Soundscaping by Plantronics

waddell.james.cJames will draw upon recent case studies to discuss how introducing intelligent biophilic sound into the workspace can improve productivity and wellbeing.
James is Managing Director for Plantronics Habitat Soundscaping Solution.  With over 20 years of experience dedicated to workplace optimization, James is a proven leader in the creation and direction of successful technology and real estate strategies, workplace technology programs, and operational processes improvements within companies of all scales and type. He is a recognized industry leader, focused on leveraging the integration of converged technology systems to enrich and enhance the built environment. He offers clients deep expertise in strategic planning, technology design, budget and schedule management, procurement, and contract administration for all aspects workplace optimization. Seeking to do more than just solve challenges, James bases his work on creating solutions that drive measurable ROI for the organizations that implement them long into the future.

1030 Human Responses to Sound Stimulus in the Workplace
Paige Hodsman & Yvette Tietema, Saint-Gobain Ecophon

Yvette Tietema
Paige Hodsman updatedThis session explores why and how humans respond differently to sounds in the workplace and how this affects their well-being. Paige and Yvette will demonstrate how to create the most effective acoustic environment by evaluating both the occupants’ perceptions of sound and the physical acoustic properties of the space.

1100 Coffee

1130 How Poor Indoor Environmental Quality Affects Performance in Work Environments and Educational Buildings
Pawel Wargocki, International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy, DTU

This presentation summarizes current knowledge on how thermal environment and air quality affect the way we work and learn. The evidence will be presented, limitations discussed and potential mechanisms suggested underlying the effects observed. Implications of the presented data will be listed together with suggestions on how they can be implemented in practice and which research is still needed.

1200 The importance of good lighting conditions in the workplace
Charlotte De Reu and Tomas Fors, LUCTRA

LUCTRAWe now spend 90% of our time indoors, particularly during the working week, but there is a huge discrepancy between the electric light we sit under all day and natural daylight. Using research undertaken in Germany as a foundation, we can now draw some important conclusions as to how light truly affects our health.

1230 Lunch

1330 Afternoon Chair’s Welcome Back
Carsten Svensson, Saint-Gobain Ecophon

Carsten_closeCarsten is an enthusiast of optimum room acoustics and sustainable indoor sound environments. He is responsible for the global Market Development Team at Saint-Gobain Ecophon, working with knowledge, research and communication within the office, education and healthcare environments. He was the project manager, editor and co-author of the book “Don’t limit your senses – sound and the learning environment”. He is active in building standardization processes, research projects, and is a frequent speaker at international events on sound, acoustics and sustainable indoor environments.

1345 Evidence of physical workplace effects on employee outcomes
– How to support wellbeing, performance and many other employee needs
Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek, Eindhoven University of Technology

RianneThis presentation summarizes academic practice in the field of effects of physical office environments on employee outcomes, based on analyses of 134 empirical studies from 50 different scientific journals. Besides wellbeing and performance, eight additional categories are put forward for how to enhance employee output and experience with the physical workspace and the office building as a whole. Also, some gaps in research that are important to current workplace managers are presented, plus a way forward towards creating possibilities for more evidence-based design on these topics.

1415 What does the perfect workplace look like? “SMAP” is trying to find out…Marlene Dahle, MELLOMROM

A Norwegian workplace consultant company, Mellomrom, has for many years tried to figure out what the perfect workplace looks like – based on feedback from users. They’ve had a hard time making a conclusion… For years they have conducted large research projects to try to find the answer, in the context of Norwegian building standards and organisational life. In 2015 they initiated the research project “SMAP: a SMart, Attractive, and Productive workplace”, together with a large group of public and private companies in Norway, and research institutions including Copenhagen Business School. The research project will finish in May 2018, and the results of the project are now being translated into a rather large set of criteria, with the main focus being on productivity. The finalization of SMAP will result in a standard or certification, which can be used both to evaluate a workplace and as a planning tool for workplace development.
Marlene Dahle is the CEO of Mellomrom. She will present some key findings from the SMAP-project and how this can be used as a workplace planning tool.

1445 Tea

1515 Space For Creative Thinking: Design Principles for Working and Learning Environments
Christine Kohlert, RBSGROUP EU

Christine KohlertBusinesses today are looking for ways to spur the kind of creative thinking that leads employees to generate innovative ideas. Many are finding that the physical spaces in which people work and learn can provide a strong impetus to follow a creative train of thought.
Christine has recently co-authored Space for Creative Thinking which puts this trend into the knowledge-work context, discussing the underlying design concepts that factor into making a space that stimulates original thinking. The book follows this outline of theory with twenty compelling examples, which range from offices and schools to research facilities. Each case study is presented through photographs, as well as interviews with both designers and users. It concludes with a brief set of guiding principles for designing spaces that capture the essence of a Creative Thinking Space.

1545 The Joy of Work-Joy – A tale of two work cultures
Lene Becker, LAIKA, and Philip Tidd, Gensler

Lene Becker CropWhilst countries like the UK and the US are struggling to find the ‘secret sauce’ in developing the right working environments to make people happier at work, the Scandinavians have worked out something at least close to the formula, and have been quietly – and happily – enjoying work for generations. Known as Arbejdsglæde – literally ‘work joy’ – the Scandinavians appear to love work and deal effortlessly with Work-Life balance issues that those in the UK/US seem to agonise over never quite achieving.
Lene and Philip will lift the lid on some of the factors influencing these and offer their unique insights – as well as highlighting some bewilderments they can’t seem to find the answer to – from both the Scandinavian and international perspective.

1630 Chairman’s Close, followed by
Post Conference Drinks Social

We are all about connecting people – so everyone is invited to join an informal drinks social after the conference at DTU. Many a fruitful collaboration has been conceived at our events!

NB Conference Language will be English. 

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