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Workplace Trends
Past Event: The Changing Nature of Work

Workplace Trends: The Changing Nature of Work
Wednesday 18 October 2017, 10:00 – 17:30, + drinks social
The British Library, London, NW1 2DB

This event has passed! But you can read the Live Twitter Blog here, and see pictures from the day here.

0915 Registration, coffee, and exhibitors open.

Paige Hodsman window1000 Morning Chair’s Welcome
Paige Hodsman, Saint-Gobain Ecophon

1015 The Digital Renaissance of Work: How the new digital work ethic is transforming what work means – from Drudgery to Passion
Paul Miller, Digital Workplace Group

Paul Miller
The freedom and creativity enabled by digital tools are transforming work. We’re moving from an ethos of “work as suffering” to a digital ethic of “work as freedom”.
Referencing his recently published “The Digital Renaissance of Work”, author Paul Miller will explore how our modern digital world is evolving rapidly, changing both our lives and work, and give guidance for large organisations rethinking their digital workplaces. We’re delighted that a free copy of “The Digital Renaissance of Work” will be available for all delegates to take away with them, and Paul has very kindly offered to sign copies during the day.

1045 The Gig Economy
Brhmie Balaram, The RSA

Brhmie will provide an overview of the UK’s gig economy based on the largest survey of gig workers to date. She will discuss the legal controversy over the rights of gig workers, taking into consideration both the RSA’s recommendations and those made in the Taylor Review, to propose how gig work can also be good work in future.

1115 Creating the Elemental Workplace
Neil Usher, workessence

Neil Usher new
Everyone deserves a great workplace – but for the majority, this remains a distant prospect. A focus on twelve elements can enable organisations wherever they are located, whatever the nature of their business, whatever form of workstyle or aesthetic desired or funds available, to create a fantastic workplace. Updating an idea first published in mid-2014, this session will explore why these elements are so vital, and how they can be deployed.

1145 Coffee

1215 Culture-Right Design
Sally Augustin, Design with Science

Cognitive science research makes it clear: people from different cultures work and live best in different sorts of spaces. This session will detail research-based insights designers can use to align design with specific national cultures to develop spaces where people are happy, healthy, wealthy (at least in spirit), and wise.

1245 Space For Creative Thinking: Design Principles for Working and Learning Environments
Christine Kohlert, RBSGROUP EU

Christine Kohlert
Businesses and schools today are looking for ways to spur the kind of creative thinking that leads employees and students to generate innovative ideas. Many are finding that the physical spaces in which people work and learn can provide a strong impetus to follow a creative train of thought.
Christine has recently co-authored Space for Creative Thinking which puts this trend into the knowledge-work context, discussing the underlying design concepts that factor into making a space that stimulates original thinking. The book follows this outline of theory with twenty compelling examples, which range from offices and schools to research facilities. Each case study is presented through photographs, as well as interviews with both designers and users. It concludes with a brief set of guiding principles for designing spaces that capture the essence of a Creative Thinking Space.

1315 Lunch

IMG_69981415 Chair’s Welcome Back
Nigel Oseland, Workplace Unlimited

1415 Trial By Jury – Office or Home?
Adryan Bell, CBRE, Rob Harris, Ramidus Consulting, Ben Munn, Instant,
& Nigel Oseland

In the wake of Yahoo and IBM banning home-working, we will conduct a post lunch light-hearted mock trial with a CEO in the dock for making a similar decision. Our audience will be the jury!

1515 Crawl Before You Walk: Piloting agile working at Investec Bank
Tony Grimes, Investec Bank, & Farrol Goldblatt, tp bennett 

Transitioning to an Agile Working environment is a journey of highs and lows. There are many elements that need to be considered, evaluated and new behaviours to introduce. Carrying out a pilot to evaluate these is essential to minimise risks and to support the change process. Investec Bank’s experience will be shared by the speakers to help those considering this change.

1545 Tea

1615 Reinventing Science: the Smart Lab story – a dialogue with GSK and Gensler
Jane Miller, GSK and Nathan Morgan, Gensler, chaired by Philip Tidd

For the last 4 years Gensler strategy and design teams have been conducting an amazing programme of work for GSK in the R&D arena – where they have thoroughly researched, designed, implemented and tested a series of pilot projects for GSK’s new ‘Smart Lab’ programme. Learnings from GSK’s well developed Smart Working programme were used as the basis of this research, to establish if similar strategies could be transferred to the Scientific community.
The first Smart Lab pilot, at GSK’s huge R&D facility in Stevenage was completed last year and has formed the blueprint for a huge roll out of the Smart Lab programme across their huge R&D footprint in the UK, US and Asia.

1645 The Evidence for a Living Office
Bertie van Wyk, Herman Miller

People are the single most important consideration for every organisation, yet many of today’s offices aren’t designed to support their needs and activities.
Herman Miller has developed a new kind of workplace, Living Office, which is designed around a research-based understanding of people, the work they do, and the tools they need. In this presentation Bertie will share the research findings from projects where the Living Office concept has been implemented, using a variety of research tools, including the Leesman Index survey.

1715 Chair’s Wrap Up, followed by Drinks Social

Live Twitter Blog
Su Butcher, Just Practising

Su Butcher
Tweets from our last conference reached 480,000 accounts, 5.8 million times!
Su Butcher will again be leading the twitter action in October with #wtrends17.

6465749327_1b08f80273_q.jpgPost Conference Drinks Social
Join the speakers & organisers for drinks and nibbles

As is traditional at most of our events, the conference will end with a drinks reception where the discussion continues, and you can catch up with old friends and make new connections.

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