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Jody Parra

Jody Parra - 3g Smart Group 

Industrial Designer, Master in Product Engineering and specialist in Design and Innovation Management.  More than 10 years of experience in the design, management, facilitation and development of innovation projects of different scale and complexity, for organizations in the private, public and social sectors.
He leads innovation projects and develops sensemaking processes in Transformation projects. As part of 3g Smart Group he plays a consultant-facilitator role, always in contact with clients to adapt projects to the needs of each organization.
  • Transformation + innovation, Real Estate, Workplace consultancy, Design consultancy, FM Consultancy, Design & Build (3g Works), Accessibility, Wellness & Sustainability
  • Architecture, Refurbishment, Corporate architecture, Workplace, Education, Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality

Based in: Spain
Area Covered: Global