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Jim Meredith

Jim Meredith - MEREDITH Strategy + Design

Everything about work has changed. Now everything about the workplace should, too.

Profound shifts in ways of working activated by the pandemic are still unfolding. Interim and hybrid forms of the workplace will be inadequate to address the surprising new forms of organization, processes of work, composition of teams, development and application of talent, geographies of alliances and other still emerging changes. Achieving and sustaining competitive leadership will require creative imagination in approaches to work and the workplace.

As strategist, programmer, planner and designer leading the strategy and design teams of national workplace studios over more than three decades, Jim has led workplace transformations in projects ranging from a five thousand square foot startup incubator to a five million square foot design and technical center.

MEREDITH STRATEGY & DESIGN generates innovative frameworks to shape place-based strategies aligning business intention and customer satisfaction. Businesses articulate strategy designs effectively. Responding design strategies deliver measurably.

In Jim’s work he focuses on—

  • Organizational design and the architecture that supports it
  • Interaction and the power of engagement
  • Place-based innovation strategies
  • The environmental articulation of the value of a brand
  • The design of compelling experiences

Used in transformation initiatives for companies, non-profits, institutions, and communities, the approach is increasingly attractive to those positioning now for sustainable competitive leadership.

Expertise: Strategy design, design strategy

Based in: Detroit and Chicago

Area covered: US