Ian Baker

Ian Baker - EMCOR UK

Workplace leader focused on the transformation of workplaces, through their design and management, to improve employee experience, increase organisational performance and create a better world at work..

Understanding how the Workplace influences your organisations productivity, performance and employees contribution is an essential component for any forward thinking organisation.

The Workplace is much more than “just a destination” it’s a place where every function of an organisations business happens, and it’s happening in either a bad and negative workplace or a positive and productive one.

My goal is to help clients shape their work spaces (the physical design) by using ‘Evidence Based Design / Change’ interventions. Challenging the often misguided view that “funky” workspace can or will improve staff engagement and productivity.

Working within a leading Facilities Management company championing the role Workplace has to offer within this sector and helping to drive change for the benefit of customers.


Based in: UK
Area Covered: UK