Tuesday 18 June 2024

Unlocking Employee Feedback With AI

NatWest HQ, 250 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4AA
12pm – 5pm, followed by drinks social
Unlocking Employee Feedback With AI

Unlocking employee workplace experience feedback (with the help of AI) – an interactive workshop

The world of work has been disrupted more in the last four years than the past forty. Enabling technology and pandemic constraints have unlocked hybrid and remote working. In fact, Stanford Economics Professor and hybrid academic Nick Bloom recently reported that “about 5% of days were ‘work from home’ before the pandemic. And now it’s about 25 to 30%, and it looks stable.”

This shift continues to challenge workplace teams to improve their workplace solutions for both their people and the business bottom line. To provide the right places to enable their people to do their best work as effectively as possible.

What sits at the heart of this is the employee workplace experience. Which is easy to say, but what does it actually mean? It means understanding HOW employees feel, WHY they behave the way they do, and WHAT they need to help them work at their best.

For years workplace teams have been flooded with high level building usage data and blunt tools for collecting employee sentiment and insight. Now AI has transformed that capability into a razor-sharp opportunity. But this isn’t just a case of new tools, same rules. It means honing our existing skills and learning new ones to stay ahead of the employee experience curve.

In this interactive workshop we’ll guide you through the key steps and capabilities that forward-thinking workplace teams will need to design, capture and analyse workplace experience feedback, and how AI-powered tools can deliver fresh and more useable workplace insights.

What You’ll Take Away
  • Fundamentals of workplace experience research design – how to design the right research methods to get the best insights.
  • Quantitative vs qualitative data – the pros and cons of these very different types, and why AI resolves an age old research challenge.
  • AI knowledge foundations – a grounding in AI, its impacts on operational and strategic work, and the workplace experience opportunity.
  • Unlocking hidden feedback – using established academic approaches to tap into different data pools to unlock fresh insights.
  • The power of data storytelling – from understanding to action. Turning insights into compelling cases for commitment and buy-in.

Throughout the session, we will lean into the seven ‘habits’ that successful workplace leaders employ to drive meaningful change in their organisations, as well as practical exercises to practice and sharpen our skills.

Who Is It For

Workplace leaders, team members, consultants and businesses responsible for understanding existing workplace experience and/or improving it.

Drinks and Networking

An added bonus! The day closes with our customary drinks and networking social so the conversations can continue…

Our Speakers

Co-founders of Audiem and co-hosts of the popular Workplace Geeks podcast, Chris Moriarty and Ian Ellison have been in and around the workplace sector for more than 20 years combined.

Ian is an experienced facilities manager and has been a long serving lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University FM/Workplace courses

Chris previously was the Director of Insight and Engagement at the IWFM and Development Director (UK) at Leesman.


Places are limited to ensure an interactive and unrivalled learning experience, so please book your spot now to avoid disappointment.