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Workplace Trends: Research Spring Summit
Thursday 21 March 2019, 08:45 – 17:00, + Drinks Social
The British Library, London NW1 2DB

Button Register NowAs always we have a few select exhibitors at our up-coming Research Spring Summit:

Argenta Logo Wellness
Argenta Wellness, biophilic fine art photographic prints, bringing the beauty of nature to you.

Scientists and psychologists have identified the enormous benefits that living with nature confers on us, but it is only now that interior and exterior design is really starting to celebrate this progressive trend to enhance our well-being. We developed our biophilic range of fine art so it can support this movement and help improve lives of staff, patients, families.
Our ARGENTA is water- and fire-proof and can go anywhere, from surgery to recovery room, board room to nursery, wet-rooms to bedrooms. We also have sound-baffling imagery using Ecophon technology, murals, framed prints and living walls.
With over 200 photographs to chose from, we also create images bespoke.
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Ecophon Saint-Gobain A SOUND EFFET ON PEOPLE
Ecophon is part of the Saint-Gobain Group, the company is a global supplier of acoustic ceiling, wall panel systems and screens that contribute to good room acoustics and support a healthy indoor environment, with a focus on offices, education, healthcare, retail and industrial manufacturing premises.
Our mission is to contribute to a good working environment for the eye, the ear and the mind.
Ecophon’s efforts are guided by a vision of earning global leadership in room acoustic comfort through the design and manufacture of sound-absorbing systems that enhance end users’ performance and wellbeing. Ecophon maintains an on-going dialogue with government agencies, organisations and research institutes, and is involved in formulating national standards in the field of room acoustics.
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147101 King 3600px

Herman Miller is a 100-year-old-plus company that places great importance on design, the environment, community service and the health and well-being of our customers and our employees.
Innovative ways to improve the performance of our customers’ organisations have become our hallmark.
Promoting the health and well-being of each member of the Herman Miller community is part of creating a better world. Our expertise and leadership in ergonomics puts us in a position to create healthy and thriving workplaces for ourselves as well as our customers.
Herman Miller continues to invest in research initiatives. A key focus is the exploration of ways to balance the needs of individuals with the needs of corporations and institutions.
“Proportioning some of our work to stand-up work stations would do more than anything else to overcome sedentary decline. The office can be a kinetic, active, alert, vigorous environment.” Robert Propst – 1968.
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Proud robinson 2 - scaffolding planting and dining room viewSince 1975, Indoor Garden Design has been providing offices, hotels, retail spaces and event venues with the benefits of plants and green spaces. Over the years, we’ve thrived and have become one of the leading suppliers of quality, design-led planting schemes for London and the UK.
From corporate offerings to broader services such as living walls and maintenance, we’re constantly growing both our talent and our selection of products. We believe in the principle of biophilia, bringing health benefits to workers and making environments more attractive.
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workagile logo
Workagile are experts in designing and making fine furniture that encourage agile working within the workplace.
Based on salutogenic design principles (promoting health & wellbeing), our range of workplace furniture aims to be agile and multi-functional, promoting productivity and creativity.
We believe furniture should be fun and we will never lose the fun of designing and making it!
Huddlebox is one such product. Designed to enhance collaborative working, Huddlebox will see teams engaging like never before due to the relaxed and informal configurations that can be specified. These stackable boxes come in a range of designs and finishes for infinite flexibility, including new biophilic planter options and colours inspired by our devotion to Salutogenesis.
See for our full range of inspirational workplace furniture products.
For enquiries email
or visit our Clerkenwell showroom at:
1 Britannia Lofts, 16-26 Banner Street, London EC1Y 8QE
Open Monday – Friday 9am-4pm
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Conference Registration

Your registration fee includes:

  • All daytime catering: welcome tea/coffee/pastries, lunch, usual break-time refreshments.
  • The Drinks Social
  • Electronic copies of handouts where available, plus
  • Videos of presentations filmed on the day.

Attendance for delegates at the Speakers & Supporters Conference Dinner on the 21 March is an optional extra at the rate of £65 + VAT.
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