Psychological and Physiological Factors in Office Design
17 October 2017, 12 – 5pm
Saint-Gobain Multi Comfort Visitor Centre
95 Great Portland St, Marylebone, London W1W 7NY


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Led by a team of experts in environmental psychology and human physiology, this free workplace is sure to be an informative, unique experience.

Experience the breadth of human tactile, visual and auditory senses and their importance in workplace design. Learn why certain personality types and sensory profiles thrive in open-plan offices and others find them over-stimulating. Discover your own sensory profile and how this impacts workplace preferences and productivity. Apply what you have learned about these complex psychological and physiological factors to design through hands-on practical sessions.

The workshop includes lunch at 12pm, afternoon cake and coffee and a drinks reception at 5pm. Places are free but they are limited so register now to reserve your place.


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