Workplace Trends

We’re often approached by companies and individuals wishing to speak at our events. Our speaking slots are filled by a mix of invitation, our own research, and direct approaches from speakers.
We’re always interested to hear from potential presenters. Please note the following guidelines:
Speakers should:
– Be recognised experts in their field &/or occupier/client-side professionals
– Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of our audience of workplace designers, occupiers, and consultants.
– Be experienced presenters and good communicators – ideally TED or TEDx level.
– Be active on social media with a reasonably-sized following on Twitter and LinkedIn.
– We love it if our speakers have already been to one or more of our events. That way they know our audience – who are VERY well informed, friendly, but also challenging.
Subject matter should be:
– Pitch-free, and
– Original theory, backed up by research, or
– Results of recent research, or
– Relevant case studies
Our audience
Subject matter should be pitched at level suitable for our audience, who are a well-informed mix of workplace occupiers and managers, consultants, designers, architects, and suppliers. The typical age range is 35-55 and so they are all experienced professionals.
If you would like to apply to present, drop a line to
Thank You!