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Thomas Fundneider

Thomas Fundneider - theLivingCore – Knowledge and Innovation Architects

Thomas Fundneider is the founder and CEO of knowledge and innovation architects theLivingCore, specializing in the areas of strategy, innovation and transformation. Having his background in landscape architecture, his focus for many years has been on establishing an innovative and entrepreneurial culture and mindset in organizations. He co-developed leading-edge innovation methods and practical frameworks, such as “Enabling Spaces“, “leap“ and “Emergent Innovation“. Thomas is lecturing at several universities in Europe on the topics of (game-changing) innovation, entrepreneurship and Enabling Spaces. He is a board member of LaFutura as well as Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science, and lectures at several European universities.

Expertise, sectors and services
– Workplace Strategy
– Innovation Culture
– Digital Transformation
– Urban Design
– Organizational Strategy
Based in: Vienna, Austria
Areas covered: Europe