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Oliver Baxter

Oliver Baxter - Herman Miller

Oliver works within the Herman Miller Insight Group as a brand evangelist. Through the commissioning, overseeing and presenting of Insights into the latest thinking in workplace design and associated issues he is able elevate the expertise of his audience and aid in creating better and more functional workplaces.

Oliver has a Masters in Psychology which he leverages to help resolve the casual incidents that plague the workplace of today.

Expertise: Work in all sectors including Finance, Legal, Construction, Education, Manufacturing, Automotive, Media, Transport, Automotive, Government,  Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Real Estate

We provide client specific talks on global research that include the Future Of Work, Cognitive Design, Collaboration, Science Behind Happiness, Wellbeing in Workplace Design, Health Workplace Design.

Through the Living Office Discovery Process, Herman Miller helps organizations understand who they are, so they can create workplaces that provide better support for what they do.

Based in: Dubai

Areas covered: Middle East, Africa