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Christine Kohlert

Christine Kohlert - Christine Kohlert

For more than 30 years she has researched and worked in the field of working and learning spaces of the future, in particular with the interaction of space and organization. Her main focus is on the user involvement in the development process, the visualization of change processes, and spatial analysis. She is also a professor at the Mediadesign University in Munich and the University in Augsburg. At the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), she worked for 12 years as a research affiliate on various research projects and led seminars on space and organization as well as on innovation.

She is the author of several books. In 2018 she published the book “Space for Creative Thinking – Design Principles for Learning and Working” together with Scott Cooper.

Christine Kohlert advises and accompanies universities and organizations in the development of strategy and vision and leads and conducts accompanying workshops and excursions. She is on various committees and is a scientific advisor for conferences.

As an architect, she has worked for renowned clients in the USA, Great Britain, China, Sweden and Eastern Europe, among others. Prof. Dr. Kohlert lived three years in Tanzania and one year in Kosovo and lectured at the universities there. She has worked for the Gesellschaft für technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB) as well as the German Embassy and has managed various urban development projects. She also supervised development projects in Tanzania as part of the curriculum (UNESCO).

Expertise: New ways of working, learning spaces, education, creativity, visions and strategy workshops, architecture, urban planning.

Based in: Germany
Area Covered: Germany