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Recording: Net Zero Workplaces

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Net Zero Workplaces: The New Norm
– Karl Desai, UK Green Building Council

Corporate occupiers are driving up demand for net zero workplaces which will require deep cuts in operational energy use and reductions in embodied carbon from construction. This session will examine UKGBC’s net zero carbon buildings framework and supporting ‘Paris Proof’ energy targets for offices. The presentation provides insights on what workplace designers and managers need to do in order to respond to the climate emergency and deliver Net Zero.

This recording is from our 2020 Climate Change and the Workplace Conference,  held at the Herman Miller Showroom, London.

Karl Desai, UK Green Building Council (now with Lendlease)

I am passionate about mitigating the effects of climate change and I am inspired by Lendlease’s mission to achieve Absolute Zero Carbon by 2040.

So, after seven years working for three Green Building Councils, I joined this mission critical team. How will businesses decarbonise within the constraints of our current operating models? It’s anyone’s guess. And I’m excited to learn how at Lendlease.

My previous role was at the UK Green Building Council, working in a team that led the agenda on net zero carbon buildings. I co-authored the UKGBC’s ‘Net Zero Carbon Buildings Framework Definition’ and ‘Guide to Scope 3 Reporting in Commercial Real Estate’. I am a carbon and buildings nerd.

Karl Desai