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Workplace Nudging: Making it easy and fun to use our workplace the way it is intended
– Simone Leenders, WorkWire

The introduction of new workplace concepts, like Activity Based Working (ABW), is often accompanied by many “thou-shalt-nots”, as a traditional motivation method to promote behavioural change. Although rules and guidelines are necessary to communicate desired behavioural changes, they also often lead to resistance. WorkWire developed a new methodology called Workplace Nudging, that addresses behavioral challenges and psychological resistance to change in the workplace and is aimed at giving employees a gentle “push” in the right direction. The concept of Workplace Nudging is based on two aspects, and directed at influencing human behaviour, but does not force a particular choice. It has a positive nature, as it focusses on offering attractive alternatives for current behaviour habits.

Simone Leenders, Managing Partner at WorkWire: Together with her clients, Simone creates smart workplace concepts that contribute to strategic organizational goals. She believes that culture and behavioural aspects play a crucial role in successful workplaces. No matter how well a work environment is engineered and designed, if the organisation does not fully utilize its potential, it does not add the value as intended. Simone is co-creator of Workplace Nudging and change management techniques that focus on employee engagement and ownership to ensure that new ways of working are more easily adopted.

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