Thursday 15 October 2020

Workplace Trends: Success in Uncertain Times #WPT20

Virtual Event
09:00 – 17:00 GMT+1
Workplace Trends: Success in Uncertain Times #WPT20
Our flagship October conference is usually held in London, and this year should have taken place at the National Gallery. We’ll hopefully be at the Gallery for 2021, and in the meantime on 15 October 2020 our doors are open to a global audience of workplace managers, consultants, occupiers, designers and suppliers with this virtual conference. #WPT20

Our themes for the day include: 

  • Home and Agile Working
  • Health and Safety Law
  • Acoustic Design
  • The HSBC Pandemic Experience
  • The Future of Real Estate
  • Wellbeing and Employee Engagement
  • Mental Health in Challenging Times
  • Creative FM to Help Protect Employees
  • A New Understanding of Change Management

– All against a backdrop of Covid-19

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Agenda (Times are GMT+1) - Click each line below to expand and view details on presentations and speakers.

  • 0900 Virtual Doors Open, Networking, Chat Sessions & Expo Booths
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  • 0950 Welcome & Introduction
    • Mark Catchlove, Herman Miller Insight Group
    • Mark Catchlove
      Herman Miller Insight Group

      Mark leads Herman Millers Insight Group which is responsible for sharing the latest thinking in workplace design and related issues. He has been at Herman Miller for over 20 years and over that time has become a respected contributor to the workplace community.

  • 1000 The Rock and the Hard Place
    • Tim Oldman, Leesman

    Organisations face a series of tough workplace choices. They need to get to grips with failing being ok. Because it’s time to say goodbye to the 5 year plan and say hello to the 5 month sprint. It’s now about failing fast. With data drawn from 125,000 global responses to their home workspace experience assessment, Leesman’s CEO Tim Oldman will explore the dichotomies facing the post-pandemic workplace.


    • Tim Oldman

      Tim Oldman is the founder and CEO of Leesman which helps organisations understand and measure how well workplaces support the employees who use them.

  • 1030 Long Term WFH? Issues and Answers
    • Guy Osmond, Osmond Ergonomics

    Enforced home working has had a dramatic impact on the way we work. Employer responses have been generally favourable but individual experiences have been more diverse. As Hot Desking becomes Not Desking, are organisations taking a sufficiently holistic view to accommodate personnel needs in the long term? Guy Osmond explores the core issues and suggests some of the answers.

    • Guy Osmond
      Osmond Ergonomics

      Guy Osmond has been in the office furniture business for nearly 30 years. Throughout that time, he has been a vociferous advocate of good workplace ergonomics and wellbeing. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, he has also been an enthusiastic observer of, and commentator on, the impact of mass home-working and the changing attitudes and behaviours of employers.

  • 1100 Virtual Coffee, Networking, Chat Sessions & Expo Booths
  • 1130 Health & Safety Law - Duties to Protect Staff & Visitors from Covid-19 in the Workplace
    • Simon Joyston-Bechal, Turnstone Law
    • What are an employer’s health & safety criminal law obligations for Covid-19?
    • Working from home – how far do your duties extend?
    • What needs to be considered in your return to work plans?
    • Social distancing – how far do you have to go?
    • Simon Joyston-Bechal
      Turnstone Law

      Simon heads the Turnstone Law team as Director and has over 25 years’ experience as a solicitor. Specialising in regulatory defence, he is widely regarded as one of the UK’s leading health & safety lawyers. Having previously qualified as a doctor, he is in a unique position to advise employers on liability issues and planning in relation to Covid-19. He defends health and safety criminal prosecutions; and regularly lectures and provides training on health and safety duties for executive teams.

  • 1200 All Change! The HSBC Workplace Response to COVID-19 in Hong Kong & Asia Pacific
    • Marcus Bowen, HSBC, Asia Pacific

    This session will explain (using facts and figures):

    • HSBC occupation of office space pre-COVID and how corporate policy and Government regulations changed patterns of working forever in Asia: January to September 2020.
    • HSBC’s business occupiers change in thinking around the role of the office and what this means for workplace design, space use and relationship between them and workplace practitioners.
    • Lessons learnt from the experience to date and some thoughts on the future of workplace in the fast evolving and digitally transforming banking sector.
    • Marcus Bowen
      HSBC, Asia Pacific

      Marcus is a Chartered Building Surveyor and a long way from his early life of building maintenance. For the last 13 years he has been living in Hong Kong and specialises in the management of corporate real estate (CRE). He is HSBC’s Head of CRE Planning and Space Data Management for Asia Pacific region, an estate of over 57,000 ‘workstations’ from Japan to New Zealand to India. Marcus is a co-founder of Work&Place and defines his interests based on the time he spends on them: All things ‘Work&Place’, 1930s Porto town houses, cooking, BBC Radio 4 dramas, yoga. Motto: Tempus Fugit.

  • 1230 Virtual Lunch, Networking, Chat Sessions & Expo Booths
  • 1325 Afternoon Chair's Welcome Back
    • Paige Hodsman, Saint-Gobain Ecophon
    • Paige Hodsman
      Saint-Gobain Ecophon

      Paige Hodsman is the Concept Developer for Offices in the UK and Ireland for Saint-Gobain Ecophon and is an office acoustics specialist. Her academic background includes Commercial Interior Design, Sensory Design, Environmental Management and Decision Making and specialises in workplace environments and acoustics.

  • 1330 The End of the Office As We Know It?
    • Nigel Oseland, Workplace Unlimited
    • Marie Puybaraud, JLL Corporate Solutions

    A discussion session with Nigel Oseland and Marie Puybaraud on the future of the office. Do we re-design, re-construct, release unwanted CRE? Marie will share data on recent expectations from JLL’s latest client survey in EMEA.

    • Nigel Oseland
      Workplace Unlimited

      Nigel is an environmental psychologist, workplace strategist, change manager, researcher, author and international speaker. Nigel works with his clients to redefine their workstyles and create cost-effective and space-efficient workplaces that enhance concentration, collaboration, creativity and business performance. Where appropriate he helps design and implement sustainable agile working environments. Nigel’s approach to consulting is to apply his knowledge, obtained through both academic research and practical experience, to workplace strategy and design. He is a firm believer in evidence based design and delivering unique workplaces that support the occupying business. As a psychologist he campaigns for workplaces that cater for all personality types.

    • Marie Puybaraud
      JLL Corporate Solutions

      I help Reimagine the Future of Work. The world is constantly changing and that is why I am a nomadic worker, constantly on the move, observing and tracking innovative concepts and emerging trends... The rise of a liquid workforce, the gig economy, workplace technology, co-working spaces, green buildings, wellness programs—this wave of transformation is impacting everyone and everything around us from how we think about business and people management, to how we design buildings and the spaces.

  • 1415 Open Plan Offices: Advances in Acoustic Design
    • Jack Harvie-Clark, Apex Acoustics

    Office use has never changed as fast as now. Offices went from full to empty overnight, and now some people are contemplating a return to the office. But for most, it won’t be the same environment as it was.

    Previously, in the old world, “noise” in open plan offices was typically among the main issues of complaints. As acousticians we can help enable workplaces to meet the operational and wellbeing needs of the people who work there, so that they can function effectively. But the guidance on how to do this has been emerging in different forms across the world over recent years.

    This presentation will look at the guidance in established International Standards (ISO 3382-3). The forthcoming ISO/DIS 22955, due for publication in autumn 2020, is entitled “Acoustic quality of open office spaces”. This new standard uses and references an approach for acoustic design that incorporates the multi-award winning Apex Method for acoustic design in activity-based working offices.

    The new methods show how we can go beyond simply considering the acoustic conditions in the empty room, and start thinking about the people, their activities and acoustic needs, and the acoustic environment. This is an exciting and fast-changing time for acoustic design. Our current circumstances offer and necessitate an opportunity to rethink how we use offices. How can we make the most of this opportunity to help create better conditions for office workers?

    • Jack Harvie-Clark
      Apex Acoustics

      Jack Harvie-Clark is the founder of Apex Acoustics, an industry-leading and multi-award-winning acoustics consultancy. With over 20 acoustics consultants, we provide design and testing services for the built environment across the UK. We regularly present our research at national and international conferences, as well as in scientific journals. Our new acoustic design method for open plan offices received two awards in 2019. Jack sits on the International Standards (ISO) Committee for the forthcoming ISO 22955: Acoustic Quality of Open Office Spaces. and is a WELL™ Sound Concept Advisor. He is a past Chair of the Association of Noise Consultants and continues to chair the Association’s Good Practice Committee.

  • 1445 How to Utilise Behaviours and Actions – Creating a Healthy Workplace That Values the Wellbeing of Your People
    • Sarwat Tasneem, 14-Consulting

    Ensuring your teams have good mental health, is more crucial now than ever. With a shift in normalisation and expectation, we are in a global movement that is experiencing the highest levels of anxiety. Sarwat will discuss the importance of human communication, empowering our mental wellbeing, and, Who, What and How can we create a workplace where Mental Health is no longer stigmatised.

    • Sarwat Tasneem

      Sarwat Tasneem FRSA FIntLM is the founder of 14-Consulting, advising organisations internationally in creating healthy, diverse, inclusive workplaces. She trained and worked as an interior architect within corporate interiors designing and consulting in thought leadership for leading global studios. This experience became the foundation of her retraining in Behavioural Change. She is a regular speaker on psychology and environment, mental health resilience, and inclusive workplace cultures. A qualified wellbeing and mental health practitioner, Sarwat advises to government in policy, to two leading mental health charities, and guided City Hall on wellbeing policy across London’s communities.

  • 1515 Virtual Tea, Networking, Chat Sessions & Expo Booths
  • 1545 Facilities Management and COVID: Creative Measures to Help Protect Your Employees
    • Ian Baker, EMCOR UK

    Details to be confirmed.

    • Ian Baker
      EMCOR UK

  • 1615 Untethered: How a New Understanding of Change Can Reveal the Dynamic Future of the Workplace
    • Neil Usher, Author, blogger & GoSpace Chief Workplace Officer

    Applying ideas from his new book Elemental Change, this talk explores seven key areas in which the dominant notion of the 21st Century workplace has been entirely flipped during six turbulent months of 2020. It shows how in practicable and actionable terms we can harness “change thinking” to ensure the workplace has a purposeful future.

    • Neil Usher
      Author, blogger & GoSpace Chief Workplace Officer

      With over 25 years in the industry as a property, workplace and change leader, Neil has delivered innovative environments for organisations in a variety of sectors, all over the world including Warner Bros., Honeywell, Rio Tinto and Sky. He hasn’t just talked about it – he has been there and done it. He is now Chief Workplace Officer for GoSpace, the first AI application for the workplace. Together with this practical experience, his influential blogging and regular conference talks have made him a leading thinker in the profession. His first book The Elemental Workplace was published in 2018 and the follow-up Elemental Change will be out in November 2020.

  • 1645 Chair's Conclusions, followed by Virtual Drinks, Networking, Chat Sessions & Expo Booths
  • 1700 Close

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