What’s Your Perfect Office?

The debate on open plan versus enclosed offices rages on, but it’s not binary, it’s not black or white, it’s not a dichotomy. Plus office occupants appear to have different preferences from the wide range of workplace design solutions that are available. We need to understand what drives these individual preferences. Is it factors like … Continue reading What’s Your Perfect Office?

Office Culture & Creating Workplaces for Wellbeing

Catherine Gall of Steelcase, speaking at our 2012 Workplace Trends Conference, on Office Culture and Wellbeing. It's interesting to look back on this six years later. Workplace has definitely moved on, but there's still much to do. Understanding local culture is vital to using space as a key strategic tool for global organizations. Whether you … Continue reading Office Culture & Creating Workplaces for Wellbeing

How (and why) happiness works as a business model

We aim to highlight new thinking at Workplace Trends events. Happiness and wellness are today's buzzwords, but even way back in 2012 we were honoured to have Nic Marks, whose happiness and wellbeing research methodology is world-renowned, give the keynote at our Workplace Trends autumn conference. Sometimes people think that happiness is somewhat frivolous in … Continue reading How (and why) happiness works as a business model

The Workplace Zoo

In his introduction to our recent Workplace Trends Autumn Conference in London: People, Place, Performance, Nigel Oseland referred to the Workplace Zoo. Here's his original blog post from back in 2012 - still as relevant today for the workplace and learning environments as it was then then.  I visited Colchester Zoo over the Christmas holidays and was really … Continue reading The Workplace Zoo