james saundersFurther in our series of guest blogs by speakers and supporters of our up-coming Workplace Trends Autumn Conference in London: People, Place, Performance, top workplace recruiter James Saunders looks at the benefits for him of attending the conference. 

Workplace Trends London 2018 is fast approaching and I’m already looking forward to it.

Last year it was great to meet more workplace professionals, network with existing clients and candidates, along with learning more of the industry from some great speakers. All the topics for this year are going to be compelling, with Artificial Intelligence as one area which I’m particularly interested in. Hearing that AI could be changing how the workplace is not only designed, but what it could mean for the future of Workplace Recruitment and similarly other industries, will be invaluable knowledge for me.

For most that know me, you will know I’m professional and love the workplace world, but also enjoy a bit of humour and apply a common-sense approach – Last year I was met with several tongue and cheek comments (mostly from those I knew) as to the surprise of a ‘recruiter’ attending an Industry Workplace event!

I welcome such conversations and I attend because I enjoy it and it adds value to my work. I find it a real benefit attending Workplace events throughout the year, so I can understand more about the industry, and specifically the thoughts on future ways of working and thinking for the workplace community.

Having this industry knowledge from guest speakers and professionals allows me to further understand the sector, clients and candidates; by knowing the latest trends and topics, along with a solid understanding of my clients’ businesses, I can present the right workplace professionals to the right companies. I like to work as a partner to my clients, providing advice and introductions to available talent in the industry as well as taking on specific headhunting assignments. The event is a great place to meet new professionals, who may just know me as the ‘workplace recruiter’ on LinkedIn, and to catch up with some of my current clients and candidates who will also be attending.

To anyone in the workplace industry, I would highly recommend attending Workplace Trends 2018 – it may just give you an idea of what the industry could look like in the next 5-10 years, you’ll meet your industry peers, oh and if you are lucky you may bump into me!

Guest post by James Saunders of The Talent Locker.
James will be one of our exhibitors at Workplace Trends London on 17 October 2018. 

Photo thanks to rawpixel on Unsplash

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