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Workplace Trends is all about connecting professionals and sharing knowledge – whether it be in person or ‘virtually’, online.

You might already be a member of our well-established Workplace Trends LinkedIn Group (if not please do join!). We also have a newer group on LinkedIn for those particularly interested in Learning Environments. Again please do join either or both of these groups.

And brand new, for Facebook fans, we have just created a Facebook Workplace Trends Group. If you’re active on FB please take a moment to click through and request to join. Anyone already on our mailing list will be accepted straight away.

Workplace Trends: The Changing Nature of Work, 18 October 2017

If you haven’t already registered, our super-early bird rate for our October Workplace Trends conference closes this week.

I’m delighted to report that all delegates will receive a complimentary copy of our keynote speaker’s book, “The Digital Renaissance of Work”, and author Paul Miller has kindly agreed to sign copies on the day.

You can see a list of who’s already registered to attend on our website. Hope to see you there too!

Best wishes,


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