Workplace Trends Spring Summit Round Up

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On 22 March 180+ workplace professionals – occupiers, consultants, designers and architects – attended our Workplace Trends Spring Summit on Wellbeing and Productivity at Kings Place, London.

The conversation still continues following the event, and here are just a few of the related items.

  • Saint-Gobain Ecophon recorded a series of podcasts with our speakers during the conference. Listen to the first of them to be released here. 
  • Nigel Oseland has published a blog post based on of his presentation “Can workplace design really enhance innovation & creativity?”. Read the full blog here.
  • Our delegates from CMI Workplace have published their highlights from the day. Read it here.
  • Neil Usher, aka workessence, live blogged our four conference sessions throughout the day. You can find the first one, “eaten by aardvarks” here. Press ‘next’ for the further three sessions.
  • Artist Simon Heath was also very busy! His visual record of the sessions can be found at
  • Saint-Gobain Ecophon ran their complementary workshop ‘Psychological & Physiological Factors in Office Design’ the day before the conference. You can read the full Twitter Storify record on this link. A literature review and the full download of the related publication ‘A Psychological Approach to Resolving Office Noise Distraction’ can also be seen here.
  • Our supporters at Interface had copies of their publication 14 Patterns of Biophilic Design available to all delegates. If you missed collecting your copy, see Terrapin Bright Green’s full publication download and others on the Human Spaces website.
  • Conference Live Tweet Blog: Our friend Su Butcher recorded the whole day on our live Tweet Blog. You can read the full version here.
  • On that theme, Twitter and Social Media fans will be interested in the results of our Twitter reach from the conference. You can read the full report at, but briefly the conference had 245 people using the hashtag #wtrends; 1065 tweets were sent which potentially reached 480,000 accounts, 5.8 million times (that is tweets with the hashtag appeared on twitter 5.8 million times in 480,000 people’s feeds).
  • We’re now busy planning our next events! We have Post Occupancy Evaluation workshops coming up very soon with Nigel Oseland, our Learning Environments Conference in June this year, and of course our October Workplace Trends conference.

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